Stacy McNeil is a member of the Seabird Island Band in the Eastern Fraser Valley of BC. Stacy became passionate about housing following her entrance into a housing supervisor role for her own community in 2009. After 4.5 years, dozens of renovations, 20 new builds, new housing policy, pilot shelter agreement, hundreds of home assessments per year, implementing a new rental regime, completing her Master’s Degree in Business Administration.


As well as her professional instructors’ diploma and adding 2 more children to her first 2, Stacy began consulting with CMHC and ISC to mentor other housing personnel and facilitate workshops.


Stacy has now been employed with Skowkale First Nation since 2015 as their General Manager and is also the SAY Lands Governance Director for 3 First Nations in the Chilliwack area.


Prior to becoming a council member with HIC, she served on their Society board. She loves to talk about housing and acknowledges that sometimes it can be too much….

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