Creating a Housing & Infrastructure Authority in BC, by First Nations,
for First Nations

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Community-led &

  • Supporting community’s needs.

  • Providing services to communities.

  • Using community to drive priorities.



No First Nation left behind

  • Harmonized or integrated services for on and off reserve.

  • One-stop shop for communities.

  • Focus on outcomes, versus outputs.



Delivering efficient & effective services directly to First Nations

  • Focus on quality service to communities as its main goal.

  • Act like a member of the community.

  • Behave like it is (and it is!) owned by the communities.


Flexible & Adaptive

No one-size fits all approach

  • Accommodate each community's unique situation.

  • Promote communities to organize themselves as
    they see fit.



Long-term solutions

  • Adequate resourcing.

  • Time to build a new system.

  • Innovative in its' delivery of programs and services. 



Accountable & trustworthy

  • Accountability to First Nations communities.

  • Sharing of results, progress and spending. 

  • Report back to communities and increase feedback loops.


Build Readiness 

Enhancing capacity at the community-level

  • Ensure the Authority has adequate people, support
    and effective working relationships. 

  • Readiness at all levels.

  • Ongoing capacity development.